Data is the most critical aspect of Freight Forwarding's business, and we take the responsibility of managing your data seriously. That’s why security and privacy are key focus areas for our company and product development.

Freightek's commitment to data privacy

Your data is safe with Freightek. Any data in your Freightek account is your own. Your information won't be accessed by anyone else, nor will it be sold to anyone.

Privacy by Design

Your data is yours to own and it will never be shared with anyone. We ensure that your data with absolute confidentiality.

Company Training

All employees are required to complete security and privacy training, engineers must complete security training.

256-bit AES Encryption

This algorithm is widely accepted as impenetrable. It’s the same encryption type utilized by banks and the military.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy honors the GDPR, EU-U.S., and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks.

Audits & Certifications

Our datacenters are compliant with ISO-27001, SOC II, and PCI, among other industry-standard certifications.

Reliable Service

Freightek operates out of multiple, geo-distributed facilities that can handle all customer traffic for redundancy.

Get peace of mind with Freightek

Your trust is incredibly important to us. We take several steps to ensure that you are the only person capable of accessing your data and that your privacy is respected.

Data storage

All data that Freightek collects is stored electronically on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. The database containing visitor and usage data is accessible only from the application servers. No outside sources are allowed to connect to the database.

Certifications and audit reports for Amazon Web Services are as follows:

Data security

We send data over HTTPS (an encrypted channel) to our platform. Our databases are encrypted and Amazon server has top of the range firewalls, so it's super secure and stable.

Intrusion protection system (IPS) software is in place as a second layer of security, which will block access as soon as any suspicious login activity is detected.

Data in transit is encrypted using the following protocols and ciphers:
  • SSL Protocols
  • TLSv1.2
  • SSL Ciphers

Data access and authentication

Access is denied at all times and your data cannot be read or copied by unauthorized and external persons. Access is granted only to Freightek engineers who require such access to perform their job efficiently, such as to fix an error in your account. Our auditing system keeps track of those who have access to any permissions on our systems.

Data collected through Freightek is reserved for exclusively use by our users and customers. Freightek does not make use of the data collected in any form or way unless consent is officially given by an admin of the Freightek account, clearly outlining what the data will be used for.

Data backup

At Freightek, we use database replication to keep your data safe in the event of system failure. Full database backups are taken every day, stored on Amazon Cloud Storage (AWS S3), and kept for three days as an electronic copy. If two or more database nodes failed concurrently, we would have to revert to a backup.

Password Protection

All passwords are encrypted in our database; even Freightek employees cannot see your password. The original password cannot be accessed outside the system, as passwords are never transmitted in plain text.